Irish Climate Analysis and Research Units (ICARUS) was established in order to improve our scientific understanding of climate change and its impacts, with particular emphasis on Ireland. This objective is achieved primarily through the analysis of past climate trends and their causes, regional climate modeling and assessing impacts for the future.

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MSc in Climate Change


This course will enable graduates and policy experts to undertake analysis of both global and Irish related climate change science, impacts and policies.

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ICARUS Launch Four National Studies on...

September 16th 2013

This week the Environmental Protection Agency launched four ICARUS-led national reports that fill critical knowledge gaps and add to both national and international understanding on the detection of climate change from river flow observations, climate change impacts on biodiversity, vulnerabilities to climate change across key national sectors and adaptation at local and national scales.

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HydroDetect: The Identification and...

HydroDetect: The Identification and Assessment of Climate Change Indicators for Irish Benchmark Network.

An aerial shot of Claregalway in Galway – Nov 2009 Floods (Credit: Martin Kirrane)

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Coastal vulnerability mapping of the Dublin...

Coastal vulnerability mapping of the Dublin Bay area to future impacts of climate change

Ms. Silvia Caloca-Casado has joined ICARUS to work on an INFOMAR funded research project leading to a PhD focused on the coastal vulnerability mapping of the Dublin Bay area to future impacts of climate change.

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New Research in Climate Change and Hydrology

News papers with 'Climate Change' showing as a headline on one.

ICARUS welcomes new postdoctoral researcher Satish Bastola to work on a SFI funded project ‘Capturing Uncertainty in Climate Change Impacts for the Water Sector

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Climate Change and Biodiversity

Bugs on a leaf

A number of projects currently assessing the impacts of climate change on biodiversity include the effect on the incidence of pests and diseases, as well as a temperature-based life-history model of blue willow beetle.

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ICARUS contribute to recent EPA report


ICARUS Researchers contribute to recent EPA Report outlining the need to adapt to change climate if the most adverse impacts are to be avoided.

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